Netherlands Tips
Netherlands Tips

Notice that some of the bold names on this page are links to the websites of the mentioned attraction.
Food & Drink Amsterdam is the only Dutch city with a Planet Hollywood restaurant, the movie themed restaurant co-owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Sylvester Stallone.
Update: Due to bankruptcy Planet Hollywood closed in Januari 2000.
  In Amsterdam you will also find a Hard Rock Cafe (was the 100th to open worldwide) and a Hooters.
Things to see Almost everyone is familiar with the World War II story of Anne Frank and her diary. The world renowned Anne Frank house can be visited in Amsterdam.
  The ArenA stadium is the home stadium of Ajax, one of Holland's top football (soccer) clubs. In the spring the stadium is also home to the Amsterdam Admirals, the only 'Dutch' American Football Club participating in the World League.
  The Rijksmuseum is probably the largest museum in the Netherlands. The collection contains many famous paintings by Dutch masters of the seventeenth century. The most famous painting is 'de Nachtwacht' or 'Nightwatch' by Rembrandt van Rijn.
  Also a very famous Dutch painter is Vincent van Gogh. The collection of the Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to paintings of this late 19th, early 20th century artist.
 Den Haag (The Hague)
Food & Drink One of the busiest cafes in Den Haag is the English Pub Fiddler & Firkin. They have their own house brewery with several kinds of beer and besides that many other (import) beers. Fiddler & Firkin is located at the Visbanken (next to 'De Grote Kerk')
  In the Prins Hendrikstreet you will find the Australian Sports Cafe Kangaroos, in this cafe you can drink Dutch, Australian, American, Irish and English beers.
  Right in the city center you will find the oldest part of the city. In the narrow streets like the Molenstraat, Papestraat and the Prinsestraat you will find a great variety of restaurants and cafes.
  Tha Hague also has a large variety of fastfood restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway.
Entertainment Pathe Scheveningen is the best cinema in town. All eight screens feature the DTS and Dolby Digital sound systems and the screens are wall to wall. As the name suggests, it is located in Scheveningen, one of two beach resorts in Den Haag.
  Right across the road of the Pathe cinema you will find the Holland Casino Scheveningen, one of the few legal casino's in the Netherlands. You have to be eighteen to enter and you have to wear dress shoes and a shirt and tie, so no T-shirts and sneakers in here.
  If you like musicals, the VSB Circus Theater is the place to go. It once used to be a Circus Theater, but now, after a complete renovation, it is one of the top theaters in the Netherlands. If you want to go to a musical, you should make early reservation, sometimes the shows are sold out weeks ahead of the actual showing!
  The Omniversum was the first Omnimax theatre in Europe. It still is the only Omnimax theatre in the Netherland, although there is a Imax theatre in Rotterdam. In the theatre you can see special Imax movies projected on the huge dome shaped screen. If you have never seen an (omn)imax movie I can really recommend this. Watch for discount coupons in tourist magazines.
  In the month of July, Den Haag is host to the world famous North Sea Jazz Festival. Take a look at their website for this years specific dates, musicians and ticket reservations.
Things to see The Vredespaleis or Peace Palace is the location of the international Court of Justice. It's building was sponsored by Carnegie. It is possible to get tours, but most of the time access is restricted when court is in session. I have never been inside myself, but the outside is also nice to see.
  Without a doubt the largest city hall in the Netherlands is the city hall in Den Haag. The white building in the city center is designed by famous New York architect Richard Meier. Don't forget to walk inside the huge atrium!
  The Dutch parliament buildings (het Binnenhof) are located in the city center of the Hague. The complex is a mix of old and newer buildings. Parts of the complex are from as early as the thirteenth century. The newest parts are from the early 1990's.
  Madurodam is a miniature city with all the famous Dutch landmarks and buildings.
  The Mauritshuis is a small museum with paintings by famous Dutch painters of the 17th Century.
Things to see The seaport of Rotterdam is the largest in the world. The port is build along the river Maas that runs right through the city. Because of the river, Rotterdam has many bridges and tunnels connecting the north and south part of city.
Spido tours organises harbour cruises from the Leuvehoofd in Rotterdam (near the landmark Erasmus bridge).
  The Euromast is a 150 meter high tower, right beside the river. It has an observation deck and a restaurant on top of it. As far as I know the Euromast was built for no particular reason, it just is a tourist attraction. From the top you have a very nice view of the city and the port.
Entertainment Imax Waterstad is the only Imax theatre in the Netherlands. Besides special Imax movies during the day, you can also see blockbuster movies in the evening on the 20 meter high screen.