Desert States 2001
Desert States 2001

04 Oct 2001
Flight from Amsterdam to Frankfurt, Germany.
Flight from Frankfurt to Denver, Colorado.
From Denver to Aurora.
05 Oct 2001
Day trip from Aurora to Rocky Mountains National Park
06 Oct 2001
From Aurora, through the Rocky Mountains to Moab, Utah.
Watched the sunset in Arches National Park
07 Oct 2001
In the morning and early afternoon visited Arches National Park.
In the late afternoon visited Canyonlands National Park followed by Deadhorse Point State Park
08 Oct 2001
From Moab, through Natural Bridges National Monument and Monument Valley, to Page, Arizona.
09 Oct 2001
From Page to Grand Canyon National Park.
Walked along the rim trail.
Watched the sunset at Hopi Point.
Stayed the night in Tusayan.
10 Oct 2001
Watched the sunrise at Yavapai Point.
From Tusayan to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Rest of the day in Las Vegas
11 Oct 2001
All day in Las Vegas
12 Oct 2001
From Las Vegas to Casa Grande, Arizona.
13 Oct 2001
From Casa Grande to Tucson.
Visited the southern part of Saguaro National Park.
14 Oct 2001
Visited Pima Air and Space Museum.
Visited the northern part of Saguaro National Park.
15 Oct 2001
From Tucson to Las Cruces, New Mexico.
16 Oct 2001
From Casa Grande to White Sands Missile Range and National Monument.
From White Sands to Santa Fe.
17 Oct 2001
From Santa Fe to Colorado Springs.
18 Oct 2001
Visited Garden of the Gods..
From Colorado Springs to Denver International Airport.
Flight from Denver to Frankfurt, Germany.
19 Oct 2001
Flight From Frankfurt to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Total driving distance: 5500 km (3437 Miles).